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Current Projects

  • Pearland High School MEP Upgrades
    Pearland, TX
    PBK Architects, Inc.
    Estimated Project Cost: $17,000,000

  • Security Systems
    Goose Creek CISD-Baytown, Texas
    Keith A. Hickman Architects
    Estimated Project Cost: $6,500,000

  • Multiple Intermediate School Campus Renovations
    Clear Creek ISD- League City, Friendswood, Houston
    PBK Architects
    Estimated Project Cost: $ 7,400,000

  • Early College for Pasadena Memorial High School
    Pasadena ISD-Pasadena, Texas
    Texas-IBI Group, Inc. Architects
    Estimated Project Cost: $ 5,800,000

  • Eagle Point Recreation Center
    City of Mont Belvieu, Mont Belvieu, Texas
    PBK Architects, Inc.
    Estimated Project Costs: $ 1,500,000

Completed Projects

  • METRO Kashmire Chiller
    Houston METRO
    Brave Architects
    Project Cost: $1,320,000
  • 2012 Critical Deficiencies
    Goose Creek Consolidated ISD
    VLK Architects
    Project Cost: $840,000
  • Isaacs Elementary Houston ISD
    English+Associates Architects
    Project Cost: $2,400,000
  • Kashmere High School Houston ISD
    Smith & Company Architects
    Project Cost: $1,250,000
  • Whidby Elementary Houston ISD
    BRW Architects
    Project Cost: $3,000,000
  • Allen-Kennedy Consolidated Elementary School
    Houston ISD
    Matrix Spencer Architects
    Project Cost: $12,000,000
  • Crockett Elementary School Additions/Renovations
    Houston ISD
    Natex Architects
    Project Cost: $6,000,000
  • Sugar Grove Elementary School
    Houston Independent School District
    Courtney Harper + Partners, L. C.
    Project cost: $12,300,000.00
  • Remodeling of Continental President’s Club at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport
    Phelps Management Firm
    Spencer Partnership Architects
    Completed December 1999
  • Mendel Elementary School
    Dansby and Miller Architects
    Completed August 2003
  • Renovations at Multiple Campuses
    PKB Architects
    Completed July 2000
  • Elizabet Ney Elementary
    PKB Architects
    Completed August 2004
  • Horace Mann Jr. High
    RWS Architects
    Completed August 2008
  • Landolt Elem. Addition
    SBWV Architects
    Completed December 21, 2007
  • Facilities Priority Maintenance Pkg. F-2
    SBWV Architects
    Completed August 2002
  • Priority Maintenance Pkg. N-2 Clear View Alternativ
    And Textbook Depository Renovation
    Randall-Porterfield Architects
    Completed September 2002
  • Electrical Revisions
    Carter & Burgess, Inc., Architects
    Completed October 2000
  • Agriculture Science Center
    Bay Architects
    Completed July 2000
  • Standby Generators
    Carter & Burgess, Inc., Architects
    Completed March 2000
  • Textbook/Technology Buildings Renovations
    Bay Architects
    Completed February 2000
  • North Campus Renovations, Phase II
    Dansby & Miller, Architects
    Completed July 1999
  • ADA Renovations to Various Schools
    Dansby & Miller, Architects
    Completed August 1997
  • Renovations to Carpenter Elementary & San Jacinto Elementary Schools
    Dansby & Miller, Architects
    Completed August 1996
  • Food Service Warehouse addition and Renovations
    Cre8, Inc.
    Completed April 2005
  • Additions and Renovations to Three Schools
    Bay Architects
    Completed February 2000
  • Northshore Elementary Renovations
    Molina & Associates, Architects
    Completed August 1998
  • Austin Middle School
    Bay Architects
    Completed August 1995
  • Lee High School
    Pfluger Architects
    Estimated Project Cost: $3,263,154
  • Highlands Middle School
    Busch, Hutchinson Associates, Architects
    Completed July 1998
  • Sherman Elementary School Replacement
    Houston ISD
    Perspectiva Architects
    Estimated Project Cost: $12,000,000
  • K. Smith Elementary School
    Houston ISD
    Brave Architects
    Estimated Project Cost: $6,000,000
  • Dora B. Lantrip Elementary
    Houston Independent School District
    Sustaita Architects
    Completed October 19, 2006
  • HVAC renovations Phase III Pkg. J.
    10 Gymnasiums/6 schools
    Pfluger Associates, LLP
    Completed August 2006
  • Reagan Mading Elementary School
    New Construction
    Bay Architects
    Completed June 2006
  • J. R. Reynolds Elementary School
    New construction
    Spencer Partnership Architects
    Completed January 2006
  • HVAC Upgrades Phase II Pkg. D
    6 Gymnasiums/4 schools
    Powers, Brown Architecture
    Completed August 2005
  • HVAC Upgrades Pkg. 1A
    12 Gymnasiums/7 schools
    DBR Engineering
    Completed August 2004
  • Juan Sequin Elementary School
    Ray Bailey Architects
    Completed August 2002
  • East and South District Office
    Sustaita and Assoc. AIA Architects
    Completed July 2002
  • LaMarque Priority Maintenance Pkg. Seven Schools
    Simms Elementary School, LaMarque Middle School, Lake Road Elementary, Westlawn Elementary, Inter-City Elementary and Highlands Elementary
    Bay Architects
    Completed August 2004
  • Lomax J.H & College Park Elemntary
    Bay-IBI Group Archiects
    Completed 2016
  • Baker Jr. High School
    Bay Architects
    Completed August 2000
  • New Drives at Rizzuto & Reid Elementary Schools
    CLR Architects
    Completed May 2000
  • The DeWalt School
    CLR Architects
    Completed February 2000
  • Operations Center Parking Facility
    CLR Architects
    Completed March 1998
  • Red Bluff & McMasters
    SBWV Architects, Inc.
    Completed August 2001
  • Bailey & Pearl Hall Elementary
    SBWV Architects, Inc.
    Completed August 1998
  • Additions and Renovations to Pasadena Memorial High School
    Bay Architects
    Completed November 2006
  • Additions and Renovations to Jamison Middle School and Lawhon Elementary
    Bay Architects
    Completed August 1997
  • Carlston, Shadycrest & Lawhon Elementary
    HVAC Renovations
    on 2 schools
    PBK Architects
    Completed August 2005
  • Fitness Center
    Bay Architects
    Completed December 1995
  • North and South Campus various additions and renovations
    Bay Architects
    Completed November 2004
    (paid to accelerate schedule)
  • HVAC and Architectural renovations
    RWS Architects, Inc.
    Completed August 2003
  • Sheldon Intermediate School
    Various renovations and additions, Including HVAC, and Cafeteria
    RWS Architects, Inc.
    Completed August 2004
  • Bayou Building
    Dan Wilson with U of H
    Completed April 2007
  • Acute Care Renovations
    Philo & Wilke Architects
    Completed January 2001
  • Exterior Repairs Repairs to a (8) story bldg.
    PGAL Architects
    Completed November 2003
  • Bldg. 63 Interior Renovations
    Completed November 2004
  • South Post Oak and Vinson Branch Library
    Auto ArchArchitects, Inc.
    Completed April 30, 2009
  • Renovations of Mancuso Branch Library
    Ziegler Cooper
    John Doody
    Completed May 2004
  • IAH Cable Tray-Intercontinental
    City of Houston
    3D/International, Inc., Architects
    Completed June 2002
  • North Houston Center
    Fehr-Grossman-Cox Architects
    Completed August 2001
  • Mx Ready Room for Continental Airlines
    Phelps Management, B.J. Miller
    Fehr-Grossman-Cox, Architects
    Completed December 2001
  • Employee Cafeteria – Tenant Space
    Spencer Partnership Architects
    Completed December 1999
  • Inflight Training Center Slab Restoration
    ASA Consulting Engineers
    Completed January 2005
  • Terminal B Flight Station 6 Bush Continental Airport
    Completed September 2004
  • Sheldon Independent School District
    Miscellaneous Additions and Renovations, Phase II
    RWS Architects
    Completed August 15, 2008
  • Galena Park Schools Credit Union
    Galena Park Community Credit Union
    Turner & Bair Architects
    Completed December 2001
  • OP2 Cogen 3
    Shell Oil Company
    Mahendra Vaishnav, Architect
    Completed June 2001
  • Process Water Facility
    Riviana Foods, Inc.
    Dan Wilson, Architect
    Completed January 2001
  • USDA Switchgear Flood Protection
    The Childrens Nutritional Research Center
    Completed June 2001
  • Imaging Centers of Greater Houston
    Design Care Inc.
    Completed September 2003


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