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Commercial construction is nothing short of an involved process from start to finish. To make sure you’re getting the very best results from your project, it pays to make sure every stage of planning and development are executed by experienced commercial builders in La Porte, TX.

No matter the scope or nature of your development, Comex Corporation is ready to ensure you get the best possible results. We have a commercial I construction project capacity from $550,000 to $18,000,000, handling both new construction or remodeling. We’re the local, proven authority for commercial building endeavors.

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Whether you’re constructing a standalone public works building, developing an entire mixed-use space or constructing a new addition to your office structure, count on us to get it built right. And, throughout every phase of operation we pay strict attention to quality control and safety. We get things built quickly and safely, passing all inspections and the highest QC checks




The experience we bring to every jobsite as a commercial construction contractor in La Porte, TX is unmatched. More than just being able to build your project to spec, we’re able to provide the insights you need to get the job done quicker, within budget, without compromising on quality or integrity. From value engineering to logistical planning, we get right into the day-to-day, core processes of your development to ensure the finished results are optimal.


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Don’t leave your development up to chance when it comes to getting quality results on-time and within-budget. Contract with Comex Corporation for superior results. We welcome projects of all sizes and scopes, and we have experience working with educational, industrial and public projects, among other private owner projects.

Contact us today at 281-479-2322 for more information about our abilities or to get us up to speed on your development. We’re ready to get started at any stage and have a complete range of capabilities to bring your development to fruition.


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