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building renovations in La Porte, TX

Sometimes the perfect building in the perfect location isnít as accommodating as it could be. When it comes time to keep the bones but rip out the interior of a building, Comex Corporation is the contractor to call. We have a rich history of success and a strong portfolio of projects that showcase our commitment to quality building renovation in La Porte, TX.

Our renovation capabilities encompass just about any demand. Whether youíre already occupying the space and are just updating, or youíre moving into new facilities that need to be restored, or youíre changing the fundamental use of a space, count on us to put in the work towards the ideal solution.

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top-to bottom renovation

Renovation projects happen on a huge scale. Itís important to work with a company that can handle your commercial renovation in La Porte, TX no matter where it falls on that scale. From completely gutting a building, to integrating an existing structure with a new addition, weíll handle your renovations with an eye for the finished product. Count on us to make sure the finished facilities meet your needs.

project capabilities

Each type of renovation requires a different foresight and demands different variable considerations. With experience in educational, industrial and public facilities renovations, alongside a strong breadth of general commercial spaces, weíre equipped with all of the resources and expertise to make sure your project meets and exceeds expectations. We make value-additive improvements, geared towards the final use, to ensure a space is optimally designed for its occupant.





Put your commercial renovation in the hands of professionals who can complete it to the highest standard of excellence. Comex Corporation is ready to learn more about the details of your renovation and lend our abilities to your project. Contact us today at 281-479-2322 and let us provide you with the oversight you need, resulting in the renovated space you want.

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